Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's the girls' birthday!

Wow, has it been 4 years since I gave birth to my tiny munchkins? Where does the time go? Now I know why my MIL goes on to my hubby about how she gave birth to him, every year on his birthdday. I am reminiscing in my mind of what went on & how lovely the whole experience was & how beautiful they looked when they were in my arms.

The girls were up early with "mommy it's morning time, time to get up & open presents!" So we grudgingly got ready early this morning so they could go open their presents from their birthday party yesterday. They got some great gifts & oh so cute dresses from Marli! Will have to post more about these, but Marli's mom makes these dresses herself & they are just darling!

Talking about MIL, she is coming over today to celebrate the girls birthday. I pray she is in a good mood today as she will be getting the boot out of here early if she starts her complaining today. It is the girls' birthday so I want it to be a happy day for them & for mommy too!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kid Junction birthday party

So today the girls had their birthday party at kid junction in Branchburg NJ. What a fun & easy time it was for a birthday party. It's an indoor kids play place with different little shops for them to play in, as well as a climbing trail area. So we had 11 children, plus our girls, all roughly around 4yrs old. They all had a great time. Hour to play, then hour to eat pizza, cake, then a bit more playing!

Elise mind you was running around the place screaming excitedly, with her eyes darting side to side, like she was possessed or something. LOL But I knew it just meant she was having a fantastic time.

No photos unfortunately as I was uploading photos before I left home & yep, I went & left my memory card in my computer. Doh! So went to take a photo & got the dreaded message "unable to record". Being a scrapbooker this kills me. But the girls did get gifts... along with gift bags & cards. So mommy being the crafty lady she is will just cut those up to make their birthday pages this year!

Now I have 2 tired girls who just went off to bed & Mommy will be following quite soon behind I think.

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I am also an independent consultant for Close To My Heart, mainly because I love their products so much, so decided it was worth the discount! But after 3 years of being a consultant I have come to love meeting new people & showing them how easy stamping & scrapbooking can be.

I live in New Jersey now, although originally from the UK. I live with my wonderful family, my husband Paul, and daughters Elise & Emily, who will be turning 4 years old tomorrow!

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