Monday, April 19, 2010

Planted a vegetable garden!

Well now that the weather is starting to turn a bit warmer we decided to dig over the overgrown vegetable plot we inherited and turn it into something nice! So today we finished weeding, tilling & digging. Then this afternoon we just planted basil, rosemary, strawberries, lots of tomatoes, brocolli, rhubarb, red cabbage, peppers, onions, corn, and watermelon!

This is our first time planting a vegetable garden so we are prepared that nothing may take. But gosh it will be wonderful if we do get some fresh veggies out of it!

The girls were quite excited to help, so they dug a hole to plant one veggie each. Elise was treating her plant like a baby. Toting it around on the back of her trike, before we finally persuaded her to plant her baby pepper plant!

We also found a cocoon in the ground, so have brought it inside & put it in our butterfly habitat to see if it will hatch out.

Anyone else planted veggies for this year? What kind did you plant?

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