Monday, July 12, 2010

Top 3 Reasons to become a CTMH Consultant!

1. Financial Freedom.
I love that I have money I earn from sales to spend on groceries, new scrapbooking products or to save up for vacations!

2. Great Discount on CTMH Products!
Our personal discount is 22%, which is so generous. Think of all the products you could get at a great price!

3. Being a member of a Top Company!
The future is bright for CTMH Jeanette told us at Convention & it is. We will be a 100 yr old company, that is just in the cards. The training you get, the friends you make, are all invaluable.

If I have tweaked your interest just a little, then contact me to find out more. No obligations, but I know you will love all the benefits!

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