Monday, October 18, 2010

Positive ANA blood test?

The latest thing in my dr visits is that I visited the hospital for a Nuclear Thyroid Test. Everything came back totally normal! So not my thyroid.

However, the dr did various blood tests and my ANA came back positive. She now wants to do another blood test as you can get false postives & some further testing on it.

Of course I looked up what the heck an ANA test was online and see that it often means you have lupus! A bit worried, but would also make some sense.

So back to dr tomorrow for more blood tests! Will update if I find anything out!

Oh & my Vitamin D was very low, so have to add vitamin D into my daily pills. I do take a multi-vitamin with 1000 IU (250% of your daily value), but Dr said that is not enough. Hopefully that will help with me being tired so much!

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