Monday, October 4, 2010

Thyroid problems possibly?

Well today is more of a personal blog post. I have been suffering from being tired all day for many years now. I just put it down to either being a mom of twins or me being lazy. But now my weight is getting out of control too. :(

So off to the Dr I went on friday. Dr thinks I may have an enlarged thyroid & took blood to do several tests including thyroid levels, vitamin D levels, iron levels, among others. 3 days later I now have a nasty purple bruise on my arm from the blood tests too!

Now I play the waiting game for the results. Part of me hopes I will not have thyroid problems as it will be another medication to take. But part of me hopes it is my thryoid as then I will know what is causing these problems and can hopefully fix them.

So does anyone else have any thyroid problems?

I will update and let you all know what the tests reveal, later this week hopefully.

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  1. Well the latest is that they did a thyroid ultrasound & found a nodule. So now scheduled for a nuclear thyroid scan. Hopefully will get that done on wednesday & thursday. No results from the blood tests yet.